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Learner Introduction to the ICONz® High School Curriculum

This “Introduction to the ICONz® High School Curriculum” provides important information and should be reviewed before beginning the curriculum.

Welcome to the ICONz Curriculum! In it, you will learn nine keys to unlocking a way of understanding the world that makes it easier for you to deal with situations that make you confused, angry, or nervous. The name of the keys is the ICONz.

As you study the lessons in the ICONz Curriculum, you will meet Cody, Kelly, Teresa, Peter, Michael and TJ, six high school kids very much like you. Each of them wants to have friends, wants to learn how to make new friends and keep them; and wants to get along better with other kids, teachers, and with their families. 

Because they are in high school, they are learning about all kinds of things like math and literature and science and history, just like you are. They are still learning how to get along with others, and that’s what the ICONz Curriculum helps them to do. 

Sometimes things happen with other people that are hard to understand.  It’s not clear why someone says or does something that’s different from what we expect.  It also can be a surprise when people react differently than we thought they would.  Not knowing what to expect from other people can be hard to handle and leave us feeling confused, angry or nervous. 

Each of the kids in the stories faces the kinds of upsetting social situations that happen to kids every day. They want to do what their parents and teachers and friends expect, but sometimes other people surprise them in ways that confuse or frustrate them.  The good news is that, even though they may get upset, Cody, Kelly, Teresa, Peter, Michael, and TJ don’t give up. They try to understand what is happening around them and what they can do about it.  They want to learn how they can handle situations better, when they should ask for help, and who they can talk to. 

As you meet the six high school kids in the Curriculum and learn about some of the things that happen to them in school, at home, and in their communities, they will teach you how they used the ICONz to manage their frustrations and increase their understanding of other people.  The stories and the Leader will tell you how to use the ICONz when you are in a situation that is hard to understand.  By the end of the stories, you’ll know these high school students, what they like to do, what’s important to them and how they learn to be better sons and daughters and students and friends.  You’ll see how the ICONz help them to get along better with their family, friends, teachers, neighbors and others.  You’ll see how using the ICONz in your life will make life easier for you.

Many students have said that they don’t understand what other people (like their parents, teachers, friends, neighbors, teammates or coaches) expect them to do or why they expect it. When these students learn to use the ICONz (any time, any place and with anybody), they say that it gets easier to get along with others, and they enjoy themselves in new ways. 

I hope you enjoy the stories, and I hope you’ll let me know what you think about them. 


Dr. Russ Johnson  

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 


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