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Get the Big Picture
Talk to Your People
Take Your Turn
Flex Your Mind
Find the Middle Ground
Take Another Look
STOP (Yourself)
Change is O.K.

Learner Introduction to the ICONz® Young Adult Curriculum

This “Introduction to the ICONz® Young Adult Curriculum” provides important information and should be read carefully before beginning the curriculum.

Welcome to the ICONz Young Adult Curriculum! In it you will learn nine keys to unlocking a way of understanding the world that makes it easier for you to deal with situations that make you confused, angry, or nervous. These keys are called ICONz, and you will see them throughout the stories that make up the curriculum.

As you study the lessons in the Young Adult Curriculum, you will meet six young adults in their 20’s and 30’s who face challenges that can happen to anyone your age every day.  Changing relationships with families; dealing with bosses and co-workers; meeting new people; managing new living situations; finding boyfriends and girlfriends, and developing adult relationships that may grow into marriage and parenthood are all part of Young Adulthood.  

Each of the characters wants many of the same things you do. They want to have friends, want to learn how to make new friends and keep them; want to better adjust to all the changes in their lives, and want to get along well with their bosses, co-workers, teachers, and with their families. 

As you learn more about Cody, Kelly, Julia, Michael, Peter, Doug and Sarah, they will teach you the different ICONz they used to manage their frustrations and how you can use those same ICONz when you are in a situation that is hard for you to handle. 

It’s best to use this Curriculum with other people—parents, teachers, family members, friends, and people you know and trust.  This is for two reasons: first, you can get another person’s point of view about the stories, and second, other people can often see better than you can how the stories can fit into your life.  It might surprise you to see how other young adults and their families have a lot of the same ideas (and problems) as you and your family have.  You may also see how the people around you use or don’t use the ICONz and the effects of this on them and other people.

I hope you enjoy the stories, and I hope you’ll let me know what you think about them. 


Dr. Russ Johnson 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 


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