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It happened one night…

After dinner, Tom is dismayed to see that his mother has made a vanilla dessert “for a change.”  This change causes an uproar, denunciations and an angry retreat to his room.  Sadly his parents recognize his behavior as typical of his disappointment, frustration, rigidity and need for sameness.


Soon after leaving the dinner table, Tom re-enters the room, telling his parents, “Change is OK” and tries the vanilla cake.  To his surprise, it tastes good.  He does remind his parents that “chocolate is still the best, but vanilla doesn’t taste bad.”

Something for everyone…

As families who have a member with ASD know, when one family member has ASD, all members are affected.  Parents go to great lengths to keep the peace and siblings see their parents’ time and attention go to their sibling instead of them.  Life can revolve around a family member with ASD for reasons that everyone regrets and feels powerless to change.

When Tom used Flex Your Mind and recognized that Change is O.K. (two ICONz representing flexibility and adaptation), he allowed himself to expand his experience and spared his family a melt-down.  The benefits of managing his emotional state spread to all the family.  It’s a relief when disruptive behavior is avoided, and everyone can enjoy the peace.