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What teachers and professionals are saying…

“The ICONz are practical.  They lead to good, solid thinking that can be used in any situation. Eventually students move beyond the stories to apply the ICONz to their own lives.

I have had the pleasure of using Dr. Johnson’s ICONz for a few years now in my social work practice with young adults. I have found the ICONz to be extremely effective and applicable to a wide variety of situations. The young adults I have worked with have really embraced the ICONz. It’s always uplifting when my students spontaneously describe their own experiences using the ICONz. The concepts are a true gift that youth will carry with them throughout their lives.” – Kimberly, MSW, LSW

What individuals are saying…

“ICONz gave me the perspective on how other perceive situation.” – 15 year old female

“I’m finally learning about my life.” – 27 y.o. Home maker

“ICONz has helped me get out of trouble by using them”  15 year old male

“I’m so much less anxious now. I’m getting to my business appointments on time. It’s good.” – 33 y.o. Information Technologist

“ICONz helped me know my surroundings…I wish we could always have ICONz group”  – 14 year old male

“ICONz are the fundamentals of problem solving.”  – 17 year old male

“The fog is lifting and I’m starting to see things more clearly.” – 50 y.o. Engineer