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Middle School

Specifically designed to teach youngsters how to deal successfully with situations they encounter every day.  Our students gain an understanding of others, learn about motivation in others and how to respond to people around them.  They also learn about how they interact with others.  This is often a revelation in itself.

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High School

Ready or not, physical and cognitive changes lead adolescents toward adult hood.  Social stories with the ICONz strategically embedded portray situations that high school students face everyday.  The importance of peers and evolving relationships with family and teachers focus the stories. 

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Young Adult

Self-sufficiency, dating and adult roles and responsibilities should characterize life for young adults.  This curriculum focuses on identity and others’ expectations in the workplace and community and at home with family.  The ICONz explain situations, relating them to the lives of our clients.  Social life can be more comfortable.

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Dr. Russ Johnson

About Us


creator, Dr. Russ Johnson

Dr. Russ Johnson has been a licensed psychologist and nationally certified school psychologist with over 30 years of experience.  He was adjunct faculty at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, The School of Rehabilitation Science and Technology at the University of Pittsburgh and a Visiting Researcher at the Boys Town Center for the Study of Youth Development.  He received his Ph.D. in Psychology from Peabody College at Vanderbilt University.

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Certified Providers Learn More

Certified ICONz Providers are available for clients from middle school age through young adulthood in both individual and group formats. All Certified ICONz Providers participate in a 15-week ICONz® training program under the supervision of Dr. Russ Johnson and Mr. Brian Kluchurosky, who is both a certified provider and trainer in the ICONz Program.  For further information, contact Dr. Johnson at