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Using the ICONz

At ICONz Associates, LLC, we have the materials to deliver the ICONz Program and the methods to train people to deliver them in a way that achieves tangible results.  We have seen the acceptance of the ICONz Program in applied settings (school districts and community organizations), and the exposure our students and clients have given the ICONz in their schools and organizations has been impressive.  It has happened more times than we can count that teachers, parents and allied professionals not directly involved in delivering the ICONz Program have commented on the positive change they see in their student, family member or participant in their organization.  Unsolicited comments about change speak to the way our students and clients embrace the ICONz and talk about them with the trusted people in their lives.  They describe how the ICONz explain behavior (“He didn’t use Watch Your Speed.”  “She didn’t Get the Big Picture.”), and they suggest using the ICONz to guide behavior that is more effective and satisfying for everyone involved.

We understand these endorsements as indicators that the ICONz concepts are generalizing and being used (cognitively and behaviorally) across different settings in a useful way.  Recognizing the concepts in others’ behavior and applying the concepts to their own lives, our clients come to realize the potential that the ICONz can have.

Our clients and students have used the ICONz in settings as diverse as operating rooms, classrooms and board rooms.  We have experience with suburban and rural school districts, graduate programs, community organizations, vocational rehabilitation programs and research institutions.  Any setting where effective communication is a priority. 

The ICONz Program is equally useful with individuals and with groups (five to seven members are ideal).  Trained parents and family members can work with youngsters at home using the ICONz Curricula and The Leader’s Guide to the ICONz Curricula to learn how to deliver the ICONz.  Others may choose in-depth knowledge and use of the ICONz and become a Certified ICONz Provider™.  Our data reflect that delivering the ICONz Curricula to fidelity, which means the Leader presents the material in a consistent way using the methods associated with student and client growth, has proven a boon to our clients, students and their families, and a satisfying experience for our providers.

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Specifically designed to teach youngsters how to deal successfully with situations they encounter every day.

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High School

Ready or not, physical and cognitive changes lead adolescents toward adult hood.

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Young Adult

Self-sufficiency, dating and adult roles and responsibilities should characterize life for young adults.

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Certified ICONz Providers™

Certified ICONz Providers™ are practitioners, teachers, therapists, social workers, and other allied professionals trained to fidelity in delivering the ICONz Curricula with proven results.  There are several Certified ICONz Provider™ Leaders in the Pittsburgh area who are available to assess and deliver the appropriate ICONz Curriculum.  There are also Certified ICONz Providers™ who train individuals who wish to achieve a higher level of expertise in delivering the ICONz Program.  If you wish to become or to have someone in your organization trained to become a Certified ICONz Provider™, contact us.

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