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ICONz Associates, LLC

ICONz® are most effective when delivered by trained, Certified ICONz Professionals.   We know, however, that not everyone has access to such professionals.  The ICONz Parent and Helper bundles available in our SHOP are developed to instruct non-professionals in how to work through the ICONz curriculum in a non-professional environment with their child or other individual in their care.

For organizations, professionals, or groups who wish to deliver the ICONz Curriculum to individuals or groups of students or clients, we have developed  ICONz Professional bundles.  Please contact us for more information on delivering the ICONz in a professional environment, including training, certification, and group pricing.

What’s Included in each ICONz Course?

Each of our Parent/Helper Bundles includes:

  • ICONz Leader Training Curriculum for Parents & Helpers — it is critical that the parent or helper working with the individual learner complete the Training Curriculum prior to working with the learner.  It is in an easy to access digital format.
  • ICONz Leader Lessons — The Leader Lessons are annotated versions of the ICONz Learner Lessons that walk the Leader (Parent or Helper) though each of the Lessons to help them effectively engage and guide the Learner.
  • ICONz Learner Lessons — The heart of the ICONz curriculum is the series of social stories about situations that are encountered by individuals in various stages of their lives — from Middle School to High School and into adulthood.  These story-based lessons allow the individuals and those who are working with them learn the ICONz and how to apply through scenario-based learning and practice.
  • ICONz Pre and Post Assessments — Assessments are to be completed at the beginning and conclusion of each ICONz course. The assessments focus on gathering information on aspects of daily living, of which the ICONz program is designed to affect.  Completion of these assessments are integral to the curriculum and help us continually evaluate the effectiveness of the ICONz program.  Both pre- and post-assessments are completed by the Learner (Learner Self-Assessment) and by the Leader (Leader’s Assessment of the Learner).
  • Certificate of Completion — Upon completion of all lessons and the pre and post assessments, the Learner will receive a Certificate of Completion.

If you need help deciding which bundle is right for your purposes, contact us!