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A text in time… 

One morning she texts Dr. Johnson writing that the time of a meeting with her supervisor has suddenly changed.  She texts, “What’s going on here?  My supervisor changed the meeting time.  My boss went over my head!”  Dr. Johnson texts back.  “Watch Your Speed.   You need to calm down and Get the Big Picture. Your boss is always over your head.”  This text settles her, and she does not go to her boss’s office to demand an explanation for the change as has happened in the past (STOP (yourself)). 

June used Talk to Your People by texting Dr. Johnson.  His reply was sufficient to help her calm down and use Watch Your Speed to stay in control.  The reply also gave her a guide that she accepted for managing her behavior, even if she didn’t quite understand the logic.  Understanding office hierarchies and politics is difficult for people with ASD.  For many clients, office politics seem unrelated to work.  Controlling her behavior (Watch Your Speed) and understanding the expectations in the office (Get the Big Picture) saved June’s job.